Manneken Pis

A fountain in Brussels…

Manneken Pis

My story is so linked to the city of Brussels, which I have the honor of being the oldest noble than I can scarcely tell my adventures without sometimes speak of the famous city where I live so long .dropoff window The reader will benefit; he will learn some of the history of a great city by reading one of a small man with a bent. My name means little man pissing, we gave it to me because of the job I’m doing for centuries; I will tell just now cause …

As the city is older than me, I must first say that the Brussels name means the huts of the bridge, because this famous city began with a few huts built on the island of Saint Gery, which connected to the mainland a wooden bridge over the seine, at the place called at this day Borgval, Flemish word for fortress; because you have to know that in the past were fortified villages.

Brussels was already in the seventh century considerable hamlet where men lived almost like bears. The country was covered with woods and wetlands. Our fathers ate hunting and fishing; beautiful ladies hahillaient swan skins, which were common in the region. There was still little luxury The city however. The city expanded gradually. It was in the year 700 an already strong town, which had a powerful lord master. This nobleman was also the functions (10) magistrate and had men at arms, as the King of Yvetot.

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